Kristina Sam-Martin

Consultant and Digital Communications Specialist

Portfolio – Selected infographics

Infographics are an excellent way to communicate complex issues in a clear and understandable way. I support my clients in extracting the core ideas from comprehensive research and reports, and work with graphic designers to transform those ideas into appealing infographics. I also possess the necessary graphic design skills to draw up simple infographics myself.

My services typically include:

  • In-depth thematic research or content development based on existing research papers
  • Creative brief for graphic designer with detailed visualisation concept
  • Coordination between graphic designer and client
  • Translation and proofreading

I developed the following infographics on behalf of various clients working in the area of international cooperation and migration:

Visualising complex issues

Large Infographic poster

Client: Rabat Process (EU-funded project, implemented by ICMPD)
Graphic designer: Rightcolours

Visualising quantitative data

A4 infographic flyer

Clients: MMD/JVAP (EU-funded project, implemented by ICMPD)
Graphic designer: Tea Mina Jaramaz

Visualising research findings and conclusions

A4 infographic flyer

Clients: MICIC (EU-funded project, implemented by ICMPD)
Graphic designers: Marc Rechdane

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